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Welcome to ABN, AsiancliQ Business Network!

ABN is an open business network platform of 3800+ connected members with strong Asia business link around the globe. We are driven by our CHARTER and MEDIA partners. We aim to innovate a new open business platform to help our members expand and maximize their value to achieve greater success.


You are connect to a network which is connected to other major business networks.


  • Join our network you or your network will be connected to the growth of AsiancliQ Network.
  • You can focus now on your primary activity instead of networking.
  • You can share and get ideas and information from an network.
  • You get deals and business proposals from other member when they meet you during events or via our online network platform.
  • You can follow or give training, seminars, updates virtually to other ABN members.

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Our key missions

  • Improve transparency in business information and opportunities

  • Building a trusted business network

  • Decrease your business development costs

  • Increase your market and sales

  • Fulfill the required business skills and resources your business activities

  • AsiancliQ Business Network is a designed platform where efficiency, cost-reducing and value-adding meet each other within one platform.

  • The unique platform design


  • 3800+ Business Connections (Jan 2015)

  • 50% Steady Growth

  • 50 Charter Connections

  • B2B Media Reach: 300.000 unique users

Innovation & Technology

  • Newest technology to increase accessibility and controllability social media engine (web 2.0)
  • Business match engine for continuously business updated and possible matches

  • Events to meet virtual business connections and to get in-depth knowledge for specific sectors

  • Web-tools/Portal access to present your business and to find your potential business match

  • Get business updates and retrieve key (strategic) information to steer your business

Crowd Network 

  • Crowd network build by our Charter connections
  • Exponential increase your network 

  • Crowd resourcing/funding for events and other business or charity purposes

Get Invited 

  • Get invitation from Business event from ABN
  • Always receive invitation from the Charter connections

Business Services 

  • ABN offers together with our connected charters many business services
  • Offer your own business service towards the entire ABN network

Learn more

This tutorial explains you in 3 steps how you can register yourself as an ABN member.

To complete the registration, make sure you have the following information:

  • The Bank Account Details (Account Number/IBAN and SWIFT number)
  • If you have the promotion code, make sure you have the code with you during the registration.
  • 2 email addresses (primary email address and a secondary email)


On the main page of ABN, you can use the "Register" button or use the login panel. 


Once you have clicked, you will land on the profile selection screen, For the regular ABN account, press the Join Now button on the "AsiancliQ Business Account" section.


Complete the registration in 4 sub-steps. 

Once you have fill-out entire registration, your registration will be send to our team for validation, just wait for the email once it's approved.


ABN organiseert samen met CHIMPORT "The World Brands China Import Fair" van 23 tot 25 september 2014 in Guanzhou China. Een pure China-Import georiënteerde beurs die de internationale merken helpen betreden naar de Chinese markt, een exclusieve beurs die als import-platform fungeert voor de Chinese consumptie sectoren. 

Bent u geïnteresseerd om uw merk te laten ervaren en zien voor de opkomende Chinese markt? Vul hieronder uw contactgegevens, wij zullen contact met u opnemen om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Informatie / Feiten en Cijfers:

  • Locatie: Area B. Pazhou International Convention Center Guangzhou China
  • Hosted door:
  • - CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Committee) 
  • - BOFTEC (Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangzhou Municipality)
  • - Guangzhou GuangYa Exhibition Service Ltd. 
  • Organisator: Guangzhou HuiDing Brands Management Co., Ltd. (OBFuture)
  • Co-Oranisator: ABN (AsiancliQ Business Network)
  • Alleen Overseas exposanten
  • Merken Totaal Oplossing, dus niet alleen een beurs
  • Importeurs / Kopers Focus
  • 500 merken vorige jaar in 2013 Editie uit 47 landen
  • 12,248 bezoekers, 7,559 professional afnemers/kopers en 32 media partners
  • Voor Internationale merken die graag de Chinese markt willen verkennen. Of opzoek zijn naar Chinese sales vertengewoordigers
  • Bezoekers: 1) Importers 2) Sales vertegenwoordigers & distributeurs 3) Winkelketens en winkelcentras/malls 4) Investeerders
  • Producten: 1) Food 、Beverage、Wijn en Landbouw 2) Cosmetica  3) Mode 4) Huishoudlijke producten5) Andere consumptieproducten.

{BreezingForms: expo_chimport}

Let's partner up

Logo kit ABN:


How to activivate on B2C ne

 Navigate to

Follow and complete the registration steps

[!] a business profile official Full Name has the following format:

Full Name [Company Name]


Follow you



A business account for publishing as the following format:

[Company Name]

After you have uploaded your business avatar/photo, you will see     icon appears on the bottom of you avatar, this means your account is ready and waiting for activation form AsiancliQ team.

Fill in, signoff and send the (hardcopy) registration form to AsiancliQ

The account will be activated once all steps are completed. After activation you will receive a notification via email.


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