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ABN is a business network platform for professional and entrepreneurs link to inbound or outbound Asia business. Our company aims to create a business platform with a high coverage to help our members expand and maximize their value to achieve greater success.

Our key missions 

  • Building a trusted business network
  • Improve transparency in business information and opportunities
  • Decrease your business development costs
  • Increase your market and sales
  • Fulfill the required business skills and resources your business activities

AsiancliQ Business Network is a designed platform where efficiency, cost-reducing and value-adding meet each other within one platform.

The unique platform design

    • Newest technology to increase accessibility and controllability – social media engine (web 2.0)
    • Business match engine for continuously business updated and possible matches
    • Events to meet virtual business connections and to get in-depth knowledge for specific sectors
    • Web-tools/Portal access to present your business and to find your potential business match
    • Get business updates and retrieve key (strategic) information to steer your business


Benefits of Membership

  • Your Network Host - A valuable and committed support as they will work tirelessly on your behalf, getting you in front of the people you want to meet.
  • Free Educational Seminars - There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within The Membership that is freely available to you. Try and ensure that you attend the Free Pre-lunch Seminars offered by Members on a wide variety of topics; and if you wish to increase the profile of your company further why not offer to present a seminar yourself. We undertake to do the promoting of the seminar for you.
  • Free Stand At The Events - Take a Free Stand at the monthly events a give members and visitors an even greater insight into what your company can provide.
  • Free Access To The National List Of Members - Helping you source products and services from supportive fellow member.
  • Monthly Meetings With Senior Decision Makers - We restrict attendees at events to a senior level, people who can influence the ''buying and selling'' within their organisation.
  • Introductions To New Business Contact - There are always new companies in attendance at the monthly events.


ABN is 100% driven by AsiancliQ network to make the business network even more unique and powerful.

    • Our online power: AsiancliQ's website is a fully web 2.0 driven social media platform. The website includes services such as: 
    • Community ONE (Social & Professional Network)
    • AsiancliQ Places (Portal for the best places like hotels, restaurants, attraction, shops etc)
    • AsiancliQ Store (Virtual Warehouse where partners can offer their products and deals via AsiancliQ Network)
    • PowerlinQ (International Business Network Portal)
    • MyFavorite (Portal to find the premium selected restaurants and hotels worldwide)
    • Events Portal (Portal for Asian and non-Asian related events)
    • Easy reach for B2C network: AsiancliQ has a multiple layer network. All the network layers are accessible for the Business Network members as well as our individual social connections
    • Intelligence matching proposal engine



AsiancliQ beliefs in the importance of information for steering your business and to help you to generate more potentials.

Our information managers and consultants are ready to provide you with the right (strategic) information for your business, whether you are just beginning, transforming or expanding.

AsiancliQ business is following updates and trends of local and international businesses. This information is accessible for all the connected business network members.

Get invited

Once your company is connected to the AsiancliQ Business Network, you are invited for sector events to focus on a specific business area.

AsiancliQ is hosting and co-hosting workshops, trainings and seminars for all the Business Network members.

Once you are connected to our network, we will host events that will be relevant for and impact your business area.


Definitions of ABN


A connection is an individual person who has AsiancliQ Business or Lite account.

Charter Connection:

Charter connections are persons or organizations who are adopting the concept of ABN and is supporting each other to promoting and sharing members, ideas and goals.

This tutorial explains you in 3 steps how you can setup an event within ABN platform. 

What do you need:

  • Login account ABN account or Corporate account. We recommend you to use the Corporate account if it is a corporate event.
  • Event description
  • Event date and time

To have the optimal result, please prepare the following input for your event creation:

  • An event avatar
  • An header picture


Login with your corporate account on the main page of ABN. (No corporate account? If you are eligible, you can request your corporate code via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Once you have clicked, you will land on the profile selection screen, For the regular ABN account, press the Join Now button on the "AsiancliQ Business Account" section.


Complete the registration in 4 sub-steps. 

Once you have fill-out entire registration, your registration will be send to our team for validation, just wait for the email once it's approved.


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