Tutorial registration steps

This tutorial explains you in 3 steps how you can register yourself as an ABN member.

To complete the registration, make sure you have the following information:

  • The Bank Account Details (Account Number/IBAN and SWIFT number)
  • If you have the promotion code, make sure you have the code with you during the registration.
  • 2 email addresses (primary email address and a secondary email)


On the main page of ABN, you can use the "Register" button or use the login panel. 


Once you have clicked, you will land on the profile selection screen, For the regular ABN account, press the Join Now button on the "AsiancliQ Business Account" section.


Complete the registration in 4 sub-steps. 

Once you have fill-out entire registration, your registration will be send to our team for validation, just wait for the email once it's approved.